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Tank Car Liquid Chlorine

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Liquid chlorine is a yellowish-green oily toxic liquid, with a boiling point of -34.6 ℃ and a freezing point of -101.5 ℃ under standard conditions. Liquid chlorine is a basic raw chemical material and can be used in metallurgy, textile, paper and other industries. Moreover, it can also be a raw material of synthetic hydrochloric acid, PVC, plastics and pesticides. Liquid chlorine is packed in high-pressure steel cylinders with a net weight of 500kg or 1,000kg; and is canned in tank cars, with a net weight around 25 tons/can. It should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place and kept away from fire, sunshine and heat.
Chlorine content ≥% 99.8 99.6 99.6
Liquid chlorine is generally used after being vaporized. With extensive uses, liquid chlorine can be used as a strong oxidant and used for bleaching in textile and paper making industries; water purification and disinfection, magnesium and other metal refining, and used for making pesticides, detergents, plastics, rubber, medicines and other chlorine-containing compounds. In chemical production, the polyethylene and liquid chlorine can be synthesized into PVC and CEP (chlorinated polyethylene). Liquid chlorine is widely used in papermaking, textile, pesticide, organic synthesis, metal smelting, chemical raw material and other industries, and also used in domestic water disinfection.

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