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Company profile

Company profile
Company Profile
Chongqing Yingtianhui Chlor-Alkali Chemicals Co., Ltd. (“Yingtianhui” for short) was founded in May 2004, and is located in Chongqing Changshou Economic & Technological Development Area, with the site area of 430 mu and the registered capital of 348 million yuan. Through asset restructurings and equity transfers, Yingtianhui has become a mixed ownership enterprise jointly held the shares by Chongqing Tianyuan Industry Group Co., Ltd., Chongqing Jiangbei Fertilizer Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Haoran Holding Group Co., Ltd.
Yingtianhui has more than 300 employees with reasonable age structure (junior college degree or above 60%, professionals 30%). Abundant HR reserve and proper HR configuration facilitate corporate sustainable development. Yingtianhui and our employees have been honored with National Trade Union “Excellent Worker” (one), “Chongqing May 1st Labour Medal” (two), “Chongqing May 1st Female Pacemaker” (one), “Chongqing Excellent Communist” (two), “Model Worker Innovation Studio”, etc.
Geographical Environment
Nearly 80 km away from Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, nearly 12 km away from Changshou urban area, adjacent to Yu-Chang Expressway, Yu-Huai and Yu-Li railway lines, with convenient traffic.
Yingtianhui, as a leading chemical enterprise based on the chlor-alkali industrial foundation platform in the chemical industrial park, mainly provides the downstream enterprises in the industrial park with some basic materials such as alkali, chlorine, acid, etc., thus realizing the industrial chain of circular economy in the industrial park.
With the development strategy of “serving the industrial park, concentrating on Chongqing, radiating towards Sichuan and Guizhou”, Yingtianhui stably boosts its market development. Yingtianhui not only has provided the products for the customers in the industrial park, but also has sold our products to Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou, etc. Currently, Yingtianhui has cooperated with more than 100 customers in several big markets in the Southwest China, including nearly 20 major customers. Currently, Yingtianhui has been keeping stable strategic partnership with some large enterprise groups, such as Chinalco, Xianfeng Alumina, Chuandong Chemical, Lihong, Kaiyang Lindu, Daqo New Energy, Chongqing First Chemical, Changfeng Chemical, Chongqing Pesticide & Chemical, Zunyi Titanium Plant, Neijiang Taiyong, Leshan Yansen, etc., which have laid a solid market foundation for corporate development. Yingtianhui has become an influential enterprise in the Southwest China.
Development Prospect
Changshou District has abundant bittern resources (proved reserves 1.452 billion tons). Essential public works resources, such as water, electricity, gas, etc., are supplied by the industrial park. The development conditions are very favorable, and regional superiorities are increasingly obvious. With the administrative requirement of the State Council that the chemical enterprises must enter the industrial park or chemical cluster area, the signing of the cooperation contract with BASF (signing 15-year cooperation agreement with BASF, which Yingtianhui will provide caustic soda and chlorine for BASF by the end of August, 2015; Yingtianhui will expand the production capacity up to 180,000 tons from 100,000 tons.), and the successful cooperation with Chongqing Chemical & Pharmaceutical Holding (Group) Company, Yingtianhui will make full use of mature technologies and resource superiorities of Chongqing Chemical & Pharmaceutical Holding (Group) Company to develop new projects, and undertake the development and construction of the chlor-alkali production capacity. Moreover, Yingtianhui will be directly supplied the electric power by the chemical and pharmaceutical thermoelectric power system, which will save the production cost up to 50 million yuan per year. The sharp decrease of fixed cost, consumption cost and sales cost, and the high recovery utilization rate of by-products are certain to enhance corporate operating benefits.
At the new starting line, our employees will work together to perform our own duties and responsibilities, enhance the management, reduce cost, raise efficiency and dig potentials, for the purpose of being a modern first-rate chlor-alkali enterprise. During the “13th Five-year Plan”, Yingtianhui will develop new materials and fine chemical engineering and realize the company listing on the New Three Board, which will lay a solid foundation for building industrial model and creating central a century brand.
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